EXL Serve is an India focused group and management consulting firm focused on Hi-Tech & Electronic Manufacturing and Services.

Our Experience

  • Proven Track record & Real Time India Experience
  • Established world class manufacturing operations in India
  • Handled all facets of business including Business Development
  • We understand what is the cost model to be profitable & customer preferred
  • Low volume and high volume mix
  • Design, Development and Manufacturing
  • New Product Introduction
  • Technology Transfer
  • Local Supply-Chain Development

Our management

  • Well Educated
  • Practical knowledge in running business in India
  • Widely Experienced
  • Practical & Realistic
  • Tried and Trusted
  • Passionate to make other succeed

Our Approach

  • Start Small and Grow Big
  • Investments are linked to business growth
  • Enter new market with innovative investment ideas

Our Solutions

  • India Entry
  • Build Operate Transfer
  • Performance Improvement
  • Business Support Services